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Precision Abrasive Wheels in Westfield, MA

Our organic bonded grinding wheels are manufactured using a proprietary process which ensures a more uniform, longer lasting product. A special compression technique locks in thousands of nested abrasive cutting tools which retain their maximum sharpness throughout their cutting life. This unique process has been perfected by our highly skilled and dedicated workforce for more than 90 years. The result is a truly precision-crafted product of unmatched quality and performance, made right here in the USA.

Precision Bond

This organic-bonded product group serves a wide range of applications including slotting, grooving, grinding, saw gumming, and associated applications where exacting tolerances are required. We have successfully engineered wheel specifications as diverse as grinding precision grooves in collets, vane pumps, and chain saw guide bars, to grinding hypodermic needles, and urethane rolls.

Our proprietary process is especially well suited where close thickness tolerances and special grain and grade compositions are required. Maximum wheel diameter is 20". Bond systems most commonly used are resin, rubber resin, shellac and epoxy.

Thermal Process PTF

These precision grinding wheels set the standard for the cutting tool industry! Many of the world's leading cutting tool manufacturers are successfully using our PTF process grinding wheels. Our unique manufacturing method is a valuable tool in the exceptional performance of this group.

The most common applications include single rib thread grinding, straight and spiral drill fluting, and pointing wheels. Bond systems most commonly used are resin, rubber resin, and epoxy.

A wide selection of specialized abrasives engineered to provide the end result you require are used to ensure the most cost effective specification. All popular wheel sizes up to 20" diameter are available. We offer precision ground sides for greater accuracy, tapered sides, recessed holes, and raised hubs. Special grinding shapes can be factory applied, saving you dressing costs in your plant. We also show you how our wheels can maximize your coolant delivery to the hot spots during grinding.


This product line is reserved for those applications where grinding with the complete absence of burning is essential. A wide selection of friable abrasives bonded with a soft cool cutting rubber binder makes this an excellent choice for your most difficult applications. Precision slotting and cutting off, weld cleaning on stainless, cleaning turbine blades, drill polishing, and knife sharpening are just some of the applications for this product line. Available sizes range from 16" diameter to smaller.

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