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Precision Abrasive Wheels, Cut off Wheels, Cut off Discs in Westfield, Massachusetts

Westfield Grinding Wheel Company offers a wide selection of reinforced and non-reinforced cut off wheels and discs at affordable prices. Based in Westfield, Massachusetts, we ship nationwide. Non-reinforced cut off discs are generally used on applications requiring a more exacting cut and finish where the parts being cut are clamped securely, the machine is fully guarded, and the arc of cut is fixed.


These non-reinforced 20" and smaller wheels are very popular for dry cutting of tool steels, alloys, and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials on well guarded stationary machines. A wide variety of specifications are available in resin, rubber-resin, shellac, and epoxy bonds.


Our 16" diameter and smaller rubber bonded calendar-rolled wet cut off wheels are essential where complete absence of burn and burr is required. Thicknesses begin at .010" for superior cuts on materials ranging from tungsten carbide to stainless steel.

Reinforced Wheels

Reinforced cut off wheels are used for more severe applications where there is a greater risk of wheel breakage. Our cut off wheels are designed to be used on:

• Die Grinders
• Mini Cut off Tools
• Chop Saws
• Hand Held Portable Saws
• Rail Cropping Saws

• Gas Powered Construction Saws
• Swing Frame Foundry Cut off Machines


We offer hot press process, high strength reinforced cut off wheels for added durability and performance. This is the wheel of choice where work conditions are very severe and maximum performance is required. Available in conventional abrasives as well as high performance ZN abrasives. Reinforced cut off wheels range from 6" to 20" in diameter.

Red Saw, Cut off Wheels, Cut off Discs in Montgomery, MA


These high-speed reinforced utility cut off wheels are available 5" and smaller. They are commonly used on small portable electric and air driven cut off tools and are well suited for light-duty cutting of sheet metal, bolts, tailpipes, tubing, and cable. Now available in ZN Zirconia abrasive, SG sol gel ceramic abrasive, and ultra-thin thicknesses from .020".


Our high-speed 12", 14", and 16" reinforced cut off blades are ideal for gas powered saws. They are available using conventional and ZN Zirconia abrasives.

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